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I-on-x Exchange Cylinders

ADEPT Pure Water Ltd offer a Full Range of I-on-X Exchange Cylinders, these include the following series:

The AC series is the easiest way to generate pure water or make up a filtration system as it requires no electricity supply, works direct off the water mains and is ideal low water user... View Product

Our Specialised AC Series have been designed for hot water temperatures and high water qualities in mind. If you have a hot water requirement of >15 mO quality, this type of system in... View Product

AC Filters are used to remove Chlorine, Organics and Improve the Taste and Odor of water.

Our units typically use Granular Activated Carbon is made up of Coconut Husks, Coal and... View Product

Our extensive range of I-on-x Exchange Cylinders provide you with a series of units that are available in various sizes and expandable to suit most flow rates.

The AC series can produce between 100 to 4,500 ltrs p/h and a quality range of <25 µS/cm and 18.2 Ω(ohm) and depending on the process or treatment that is required, can be filled with a range of high quality medias that include:

  • Virgin or Regenerated Mixed Bed Resin
  • Strong Base DI Resin
  • Nuclear Grade Resin
  • Pretreatment Resin
  • Activated Carbon

These vessels can be used for Pre-Filtration on a system such as Reverse Osmosis or Deionisation equipment or used as a main source of Water Purification when connected directly to a Mains Water Supply* 

(*Subject to Local Water Regulations)

The Adept Cylinder (AC) Series is available in two variations.

Our Standard AC series offers a range of vessel sizes to suit numerous applications and are suitable for towns water and Pure Water Applications only.

A more specialised AC series is available for industries that require cold, hot and pure water applications for temperatures reaching up to 55 & 80 0C. These exchange cylinders include Metal Finish (MFAC), Hot Water (HWAC) and Hot Water High Quality (HWHQAC) series.



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