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Fleck Valves

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Our Industrial Water Softeners are designed to accommodate production flow rates

Fleck Valves cover a wide range of applications.

These include:

  • Water Softening
  • Filtration
  • Residential
  • Commercial or Industrial
  • Hot or Cold Water  

Typically installed on commercial and industrial units, Fleck valves are designed to control the backwash and regeneration on media filters and water softeners to keep optimal performance at all times.

There are two options available for this: 

  • Time-Clock:

This option allows the user to decide by day when to regenerate their system. This could be every day, every two to three days or on certain days of the week

  • Metered:

This provides an on demand regeneration that is based on the volume of water that has been used.  

Just like ‘Siata Valves’, there are three types of units that are available:


  • System Type: A single vessel system
  • Typical Application: Low Usage ‘Boiler Feeds for Large Hot wells

All of the industrial softeners are controlled by volumetric regen only. Once the water has been used, the system goes into regeneration.

 If a water bypass is not installed to the unit, there is a chance that water can stop flowing to service while the softer is in regeneration.

Fleck Control Valves available for this include: 


  • System Type: A Twin Vessel System
  • Typical Application: Reverse Osmosis Feed Water 

Just like the ‘Simplex’ application, once the programmed volume of water has been reached, the service unit that has become exhausted goes immediately into regeneration.

The additional vessel is on stand by and automatically goes into service.

This type of application guarantees 24/7 soft water production and the timings can be adjusted for convenience should water become poor during production hours.

Fleck Valves available for this include: 


Please Note: This type of system is typically custom made depending on feed water conditions and water feed demands. 

  • System Type A Three Vessel System
  • Typical Application: Food Manufacturers with 2 or more Boiler Feeds where soft water cleans production areas and work surfaces. 

The Triplex system has the ability to achieve high service flow rates should a peak flow rate be required.

System Sensors on the Triplex monitor the flow rates and if demand increases, it automatically brings 2 out of the 3 units come into service. Just like the ‘Duplex’ unit, once capacity of it has been reached, it will go into regeneration while the other 2 continue the service.

The benefit of this type of system is that it offers individual controls. This means they can run of either Manual or Automatic settings.

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