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I-on-x Exchange Cylinder – Specialist AC Series

Sub Title: 
Metal Finishing (MFAC), Hot Water (HWAC) Hot Water High Quality(HWHQAC)

Our Specialised AC Series have been designed for hot water temperatures and high water qualities in mind. If you have a hot water requirement of >15 mO quality, this type of system in the perfect solution.

These vessels are designed for cold, Hot Water and Pure Water Applications up to 55 & 80 oC, including Metal Finishing and PCB Rinse Water Recirculation Applications.

The AC series is the easiest way to generate pure water or make up a filtration system as it requires no electricity supply, works direct off the water mains and is ideal low water user applications or infrequent use.

With the choice of numerous of filter medias , our AC series make the ideal candidate to work in partnership with our small ECO RO or DI range of equipment.

The benefit to this type of Cylinder is that they also have a low initial set up cost and compared to buying in Pure Water, can equate to a major cost saver.

At a Glance:

  • Various Sizes to suit numerous applications
  • Cost effective for small and low user applications
  • Small Footprint
  • Works Directly off the Mains Water (Subject to Local Water Authority bylaws)
  • Expandable to suit most flow rates
  • Flexible Inlet/Outlet connections and cylinder set ups


Head Materials:

Depending on your application, system or productio requirements, a Polypropylene (PP) or Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) head may be attached to your Exchange Cylinder. 

Quality Meters:

This simple, wall mounted device allows any user to monitor the quality of water that is being produced. Featuring a Good Water/Bad Water indicator and an LCD Display, our quality meters add an automated element to your Exchange Cylinder system without the need of a manual water meter device.

Cartridge Filters:

Adding pre-filtration to your system is one way of ensuring optimum water quality is produced while maximising the life of your media. There are many variations of Cartridge filters with nominal ratings between 1 – 75 um. Typically, a Polypropylene filter is sufficient and affordable but depending on your requirements, alternatives may be offered.  

Skid Mounted System:

Our Skid Mounted System is an all-in-one unit which is built specifically around your site specific designs and production requirements. The skid mounted design means quicker installation times, utilises space and easily transported if required.


  • Full Tracking of Waste Carbon & Ion Exchange Resins
  • NO Waste Water to pay Expensive Treatment for
  • NO Electricity Supply Required


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