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How can you beat The Brexit Effect and retain your competitive edge? By visiting Surface World Live!

This article features in the June 2018 edition of Surface World Magazine – Author Jane Soones

So what is The Brexit Effect? Many UK Companies who would normally be sourcing equipment and supplies throughout Europe...

When it comes to Certified Reference Materials (CRMs), who ensures that the materials themselves are compliant?

Altus Science provides CRMs for a variety of industries focusing on calibration standards for Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and Conductivity analysers. Established in 2012, the privately owned company is accredited by UKAS,...

ADEPT Pure Water, the specialists in water purification equipment, has supplied a reverse osmosis plant to Brompton Bicycle, the folding bike manufacturer. Andrew Ritchie designed and built his first folding bike in 1975. Now, with an output of over 45,000 bikes per year, Brompton is the UK’s largest bike manufacturer. The high quality finish...

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