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Multi Media (MM) Filters

Multi Media Filters treat cloudy, dirty or high Turbity waters that typically contain Organic Compounds, Clays, Metals and any other type of suspended matter.

The Vessels are filled with different types of Gravels, Sands, Absorbents and medias to filter the water they operate on a similar principle so as water flows through the vessel filled with the relevent media, any suspended particles are trapped in the various layers and clear water is produced.

ADEPT Pure Water Limited are able to offer this system in three types:

  • Fleck
  • Siata
  • Gemu Multi-Valve* (Our own control arrangements)

Each of these processes enables the media to be automatically backwashed by Time or Volume settings, however this will depend on the application.

*Information on the Gemu Multi-Valve Control Arrangements will be provided and quoted for upon request

Carbon Filter GAC PDF

Sediment Filters PDF

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