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Nitrate Removal & Organic Scavengers

These units are commonly mistaken for Water Softeners as the Medias are all Ion Exchange Resins which are all FOOD grade products and are regenerated with a Brine Solution.

  • Nitrate Removal: the present water regulations request a <50 mg/Ltr limit on drinking water and therefore process water to food factories in particular, Nitrates are a common cause of methaemoglobinaemia in very young children (Blue baby Syndrome) and can be fatal. This system reduces the Nitrate levels to very safe levels, the typical Resin Capacity is 20 grams of Nitrate per Litre of Ion Exchange Resin and works in the same way as a Softener
  • Organic Scavengers: Dissolved Organics (Tannins, Humic and Fumic Acids) in the water create numerous problems with Modern production as the water can be coloured or increase fouling onto High purity Ion Exchange and RO systems this reduces their expected operation life and produced quality, bed Volume is typically worked out through chemical analysis or a Fouling Index Test (FI) but as a guide each 25 Litres of Ion Exchange Resin will remove 2,000 ppm of Organic Colour before needing regeneration

Both media choices are normally programmed to regenerate on Capacity and require Approx 140 grams of salt per Litre of Ion exchange resin to regenerate


This system is available in three types:

  • Fleck
  • Siata
  • Gemu Multi-Valve* (Our own control arrangements)

This allows the media to be automatically backwashed by Time or Volume but will depend on the application.


If this type of Filtration is required and is specified and installed correctly they work turning unusable water into Clean Clear safe to use water, we do not recommend our clients treat this system as a DIY unit without our assistance, all our engineers are fully trained and know exactly how to set this type of system up and know what to look for.

*Information on the Gemu Multi-Valve Control Arrangements will be provided and quoted for upon request.

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