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pH Correction

Water with a low pH is classed as ‘Acidic’.


Acidic Water accelerates the corrosion of metal objects that come into contact with it and gives the water a distinctive ‘Metallic’ taste.


Depending on the pH levels and the Flow Rate of the water, there are two types of media to help correct the quality of the water.


  • Juraperle: 99.4% Calcium Carbonate dissolves slowly and has a very low Silica content
  • Corrosex: Highly Reactive Magnesium Oxide Salt dissolves rapidly when the pH adjustment is substantial and the Flow Rate is high


Both of these media’s slowly dissolve in the water and will require regular monitoring and topping up. Should the pH reading be very low, it is not uncommon to mix both types of media to suit changes in the flow and quality.


This system is available in three types:

  • Fleck
  • Siata
  • Gemu Multi-Valve* (Our own control arrangements)

This allows the media to be automatically backwashed by Time or Volume but will depend on the application.


Certain vessel sizes are available with Re-fill holes built into the dome of the unit, if this is a required feature, please Contact Us for more information


*Information on the Gemu Multi-Valve Control Arrangements will be provided and quoted for upon request

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