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Purolite NRW3240

Product Information

  • Purolite NRW3240 is a Nuclear Grade resin
  • It is typically used for Primary Coolant Polishing
  • This contains an equal ratio of a Gel Strong Acid Cation and Gel Strong Base Anion Resins
  • Treats water to the highest purity possible and used for production of ultra-pure water.
  • Ideal for high-end industries or applications
  • The typical conductivity of the water produced with this product is 0.055 uS/CM 

Resin Type

  • Polystyrenic Gel - Mixed Bed
  • Resin Hydrogen form
  • Hydroxide Form
  • Nuclear Grade


  • Spherical Beads


  • Primary Coolant Systems


  • Clean-up Systems

Temperature Limit, Non-Regenerable Bed 

  • 100 °C (212.0 °F)

Temperature Limit, Regenerable Bed 

  • 60 °C (140.0 °F)


25 Ltr Sack

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