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RO 1250 to 5000

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With numerous options to suit your production requirements

This innovative unit is fully skid mounted and includes an easy to use Pre Filtration system with optional High Flows or High Reject Membranes and has a very high recovery rate Min 98% Salt Rejection.

The design of this system features all the key components to produce the required flow rate of Purified Water and offers ease during installation and Maintenance

Main Features:

  • Complete Compact System
  • Skid Mounted with Adjustable Feet

Standard Features:

  • Innovative combi CIP (Clean in Place) Tank Integration
  • Flow Meters: Concentrate, Permeate & Recycle
  • Pre-Filter & Inlet Pressure Gauges
  • Pre-FIlter Housings
  • Grundfos High Pressure Pump
  • CPVC Manifolds
  • Phoenix Vessel RO Membrane Housings
  • I.P 54 Panel c/w PLC Control


  • Flexible Upgrades for System Expansion
  • CIP Automatic Control
  • Variable Speed Pump
  • Concentration Recovery
  • Full Remote Monitoring Facility
  • High Flow or High Rate Specification
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