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Water Evaporators

Please see the data sheets below for information on our Water Evaporator systems

PC F Series

Sheel and tube forced circulation evaporators. Wastewater treatment evaporators for maximum distillate quality with minimum capital and operating costs.

With Touch Screen operator panels as standard and are designed for automatic and continuous 24/24h 7/7days operation. Both machines are CE Marked and compliant with Machinery Directives, Electrical Safety, PED Pressure Equipment Directive and Electromagnetic compatibility



PC R Series

Scraped heating jacket evaporators. Wastewater treatment evaporators allowing a high final concentration of the waste to dispose of and a distillate with low conductivity

The PC R Series of Water Evaporators offer smaller productions of distillate with water using its vacuum with scraped system. They both use R134a refrigeration fluid so there is no impact to the ozone layer and both machines are fully CE Marked and compliant.


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