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Arsenic Removal

Arsenic can be found in water throughout many parts of the United Kingdom.

It comes from industrial waste and underground rocks and as a result, is picked up as water permeates through them. Updates in water quality standards have reduced the allowable arsenic levels to fall from 50 ug/Ltr to 10 ug/ltr.

To deal with this issue, a number of Ion Exchange Manufacturers have launched products to deal with Arsenic in water. The media is typically backwashed and returned to service but after the media has been fully exhausted it has be replaced with a new media bed.

The media is similar to Amorphous Iron Hydroxide and is formulated to give a high Arsenic Removal Capacity. Just like most medias, a certain water quality is required otherwise the system will not deliver the required results. These include Low Phosphates, a pH over 7 and NO Heavy Metals.

If this type of filtration is required and installed correctly, it has the potential of turning unusable water into clean, clear safe to use water. We do not recommend our clients treat this system as a DIY unit without our assistance. All our engineers are fully trained and know exactly how to set this type of system up and know what to look for.

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