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Water Filtration Systems

Filtration systems have been used to help clean, improve appearance, taste and clarity of water for hundreds of years, also they are becoming the standard for offering Process water that will Filter Suspended Particles, Dissolved  Impurities , Organics, Iron and Chlorine. ADEPT Pure Water has developed an extensive range of Systems in the form Low and large scale industrial systems for the use of Pre Filtration prior to RO or DI Systems and Standalone systems ranging from flows from 10 Ltrs/Min to 65 m3/Hr.

Recycling is becoming an important part of Modern Manufacturing and Green credentials are being rewarded by Government & DEFRA in the form of Corporation Tax Refunds ADEPT are developing recycling systems and are getting more equipment listed on the water technology list Our Filter systems are an important part of that development (Please contact our office for details on the DEFRA reward system)

Water is such an important part of Modern living and an ingredient in the production of many everyday things like Cars, Aeroplanes, Dyes, Electronics, Metal Finishing, Cosmetics, Foods and Beverages, just to name a few it’s essential that the water you use within your business is of a consistent quality and it meets your individual quality demands and is used to its maximum potential.

At Adept we can offer various options for commercial water filtration systems from cartridge filters and activated carbon filters, to large Multi Media (MM) Filters, pH Correction, Organic Scavenging, Arsenic Removal, & Iron Removal. We take pride in being able to work with clients in all areas of industry to provide them with Pure & Ultra-pure water systems. This level of quality means we can basically support any industry that requires commercial water filter systems.

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