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Resins & Media

There are many types of resins and medias available that provide the specific requirements to your water production needs. From high grade mixed bed, nuclear reduction resins to activated carbon. These media are used to help filter impurities and pollutants, reducing odour, taste or used to soften the water in the process.

We stock a range of medias that we use in our systems, such as our multi media filters, deionisers and I-on-x Exchange cylinders to ensure you are getting the best water quality at all times.

These resins and Medias include:

Mixed Bed Resin – Purolite MB400

We use a high grade Purolite MB400 Mixed Bed Resin that contains both Cation and Anion ions – This combination helps with the removal of most impurities such as manganese, calcium, nitrates and chlorides. These positive and negative charged compounds are held within the resin, producing purified water.

The water produced from this type of resin ranges between 1 – 5 uS/Cm


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Nuclear Grade Resin – Purolite NRW3240

The Purolite NRW3240 Resin is a mixed bed resin that contains a strong-base type 1 anion and a strong-base acid cation. This Nuclear grade DI media treats water to the highest purity possible and is used for the production of ultra-pure water, particularly or high-end industries or applications.

The typical conductivity of this type of water produced is 0.055 uS/cm


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Cation Resins

Purolite C100ELT is a clear gel strong acid cation resin that is designed for the treatment of foodstuffs, beverages and water that is used in the processing of food. This resin provides domestic and industrial water softening, efficient regeneration, has good kinetic performance and low extractable's.


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Purolite C-100H is a strong acid cation exchange resin in hydrogen form. The principle use of this type of resin is for industrial water demineralisation with the advantages of providing excellent physical and chemical stability and high operating capacity.


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Puropack ® PPC100H is a gel type strong acid cation Exchange Resin in Hydrogen form. This type of resin is a tailored product which provides for economical regeneration by counterflow technique and recommended for use in modern day water treatment application, incuding all counterflow demineralisation systems.


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Anion Resin

The Purolite A850 is an acrylic gel-type 1 strong base anion exchange resin. The matrix of this resin  offers sufficient removal of organic matter from the water supply in conjunction with its reversible removal upon regeneration.


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Purolite A510 is a macroporous type II Strong Base Anion Exchange Resin. It has a High Operating capacity on High-FMA Feedwaters an a High Reversible sorptive capacity for complex organic materials that occur in many surface water supplies. These include fulvic and humic acids. In a chloride form, this resin has a unique ability to remove organic colour bodies from polluted waters, pharmaceutical and chemical streams. For these applications, warm caustic soda or salt should be used (35-50oC). Its silica-removal properties are comparable to premium type 2 strong based anion however, as with similar resins, a polishing mixed-bed is necessary to ensure the lowest levels of residual silica. 


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Purolite A100 resin has a High-Operating Capacity, removing Strong Acids that the been decationised through cation resins such as C100H. This type of resin has excellent properties for removal of naturally occuring organing species and resistance to osmotic shock, as well as physically resistant to mechanical breakage. Minimum volumes of decationised water are required to rinse down to a conductivity of 50 uS/cm. 


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Inert Polymer

Purolite IP1 is an inert plastic material for Top Distributors with a specific gravity lower than water and is capable of floating above the ion exchange bed. This polymer has been developed for use as an upper layer in down flow service and also helps prevent finer active resins from reaching the strainer nozzles while allowing any insoluble matter trapped within the bed to pass out during regeneration.


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Regenerated Resin

Our regenerated resin is a combination of 40% Cation and 60% Anion mixed bed medias which have been professionally treated after they have become exhausted. This treatment follows the same process as a typical regeneration of an exchange cylinder and are regenerated up to 90% total regen.

The water produced from this type of resin still produces water less than 0.1 uS/Cm

Purolite UltraClean™ UCW9966 

This specialised Purolite UltraClean™ UCW996 resin is designed to produce the highest possible water quality that offers ultra-purity and quick rinse down times. It is a non-separable mixed bed resin that can be used for final polishing and point of use treatment. The benefits of this resin mean a very low levels of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and provide excellent rinse down times to a resistivity >18.2 MΩ CM (megohm-cm) 
The UltraClean™ UCW9966 has been specifically designed to meet the rigorous needs of the Electronics Industry for wafer and microchip production. 


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