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Commercial Water Filter System

At Adept Pure Water Systems, we are experts in designing, creating and installing bespoke water purification systems. Our wide range of water filters are designed to filter out any suspended solids that may be in the feed water.

Reverse osmosis units

The backbone of almost every water treatment plant, the reverse osmosis system is a semi-permeable membrane that separates water molecules from pollutants. Our ECO RO systems utilise a number of features to make them a perfect small volume water purification system without the need for an expensive equipment list. It comes as a complete compact system including a Duplex Softener, Carbon Filters & RO Membranes and our different level systems can take flow rates from 100 l/ph up to 600l/ph and are suitable for various industrial applications as it can filter down to medical and electronic grade water.

Activated Carbon

Carbon filters work by micro pockets on the granule surface structure absorb the soluble impurities and then hold onto them to provide the water filtration. The micro pockets on carbon granules can eventually reach a filled capacity and at which point the media or filter cartridges would need to be replaced. The life of the carbon can be extended by 'Backwashing' as the backwash water can eject any loose materials from the water and granules.

Water Treatment Products

We can offer a variety of water purification systems across commercial applications so get in touch today to organise a site visit so we find the best and most cost effective solution for you and your business. Simply fill out our contact form or give us a call on 01933 677181 to speak to a member of the team

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