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Leeds Water Treatment Specialists

At Adept Pure Water, we are specialists in all areas of Water Treatment Plants, from commission to installation as well as designing and then manufacturing a range of top-quality Water Purification equipment. No matter the quality of water needed, we can install units able to produce water from Ultra Pure 18.2 Mega Ohm needed for electronics and pharmaceuticals down to Low Grade <50.00 uS/CM water. To get these various levels of water quality, we use a range of Water Softeners, Reverse Osmosis and Deioniser units to meet the client’s requirements.

We train all of our Engineers in-house, no matter if they are Apprentices or Experienced staff, to make sure they can provide the highest quality installations to go alongside our high-quality Deionisers, Reverse Osmosis and Water Softener units.

We ensure close working with all of our customers so that we are not only able to grow our business relationship, but work to build on the services we are able to provide while learning about other industries that require Water Purification in and around Leeds. We have worked with a number of customers in a wide range of industries so far that include, Chemical Blending in the manufacture of Roof Tiles and the Ultra Pure Water for Electronic Industries.

If you are looking for a Water Filtration System in Leeds, we can help you from the design right the way through to the installation and maintenance of your new system. Coupled with this, we have a host of other services on offer, from Arsenic Removal to Organic Scavengers to pH Correction and many more. In recent years there have been updates to water quality standards, reducing the allowable levels of certain containments within water like Arsenic from 50 ug/ltr down to 10ug/ltr so the requirement for having a high quality purification system in place is key. We can design and manufacture one of our Ion Exchange Systems to bring the water containment level well below the allowable limit of 10 ug/ltr.

All of our products have been specifically chosen to make sure they can perform optimally whilst being long lasting and reliable over that time. Good maintenance is key, but we ensure we can offer these products and services at a competitive price.

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