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Water Deionisers

ADEPT Pure Water Ltd offer a Full Range of Water Deioniser based Systems, these include the following units:

This ECO Di-on-x Water Deioniser system is a no frills, quick and easy to install Regeneration System, that can be modified and made to meet your flow rate specification from 1 m3... View Product

These all in one units are used in a wide range of manufacturing plants and applications for high quality, cost effective results. They also produce water from as little as 4 m³/hr up to... View Product

DEIONISATION is a term that means the removal of ions that are present in water.

An ion is an electrically charged molecule or atom in water that has either a positive or negative charge.

Although elements such as Calcium, Manganese, Nitrates and Chlorides occur naturally in water, for industries that rely on using water for their production needs regard these ions as an Impurity.

The removal of these impurities occur through an Ion Exchange Process, using a Resin that contains a Positive charged Cation and a Negative charged Anion. As the water passes over the resin, the Cation attracts and holds on to the negative ions while the Anion attracts and holds on to the positive ones.

This process exchanges the non-desired cations and anions with hydrogen and hydroxyl. It is the introduction of these chemicals that form a pure water.

Our Systems:

We provide a full range of Water Deionisers to help get the production of water that you need.

These systems include are own:

  • I-on-x Exchange Cylinder series
  • Automatic ECO Di-on-x Deioniser
  • Fully Automatic Di-on-x Deioniser
  • Tri-on-x Deioniser

Water Deioniser Options:

I-on-x Exchange Cylinders

These are single vessels that hold ‘Mixed Bed’ resins and require NO Regeneration Chemicals and are exchanged once exhausted. This type of De-ioniser is a simple solution used to process small volumes of water straight from a Potable Supply or used for Polishing Water from a Reverse Osmosis or Deionisation process. These units can last from 500 to many thousands of litres, depending on the Feed Water Quality going into the cylinders and when combined with a wall mounted Quality Meter, can offer a simple Automatic System which achieves surprisingly high water quality standards at low price.

ECO Di-on-x and Di-on-x Systems

Both of these systems feature two vessels linked together in series. The type of system feature a two part process. As the water flows through the First Vessel, it is passed through a ‘Cation’ Resin which is regenerated with Hydrochloric Acid. As the water feeds into the Second Vessel, it is then passed through an ‘Anion’ Resin that is regenerated using Sodium Hydroxide.
The regenerated process can be Semi-Automatic and requires a Regeneration Button to be pressed or the use of an Automatic system regenerates on a set point in a Quality Meter or a Production Capacity.
If you have Chemicals on site and have experience with handling these chemicals and effluents then deionisation is one of the best and more cost effective solutions to your Water Purification requirements compared with the water losses associated with Water Softeners and Reverse Osmosis.


The Tri-on-x system is a modified version of the Di-on-x Twin Vessel water deioniser that features a third vessel incorporated onto the outlet of the Anion vessel. Containing Cation resin, this resin’s job is to polish the water. The most important design change to the system is that the Regeneration Chemical would normally flow through the Polisher Vessel and through to the first ‘Cation’ vessel as this ensures a high Regeneration state of the Polishing Vessel resin.
This type of system is mainly used to produce guaranteed water qualities higher than 1 Mega Ω (Ohm).

Regeneratable Mixed Bed Deionisers

This is a Single Vessel based system which has the two ‘Cation & Anion’ resins mixed together and is similar to the mixed bed I-on-x Exchange Cylinders. This unit will automatically mix and separate the Resins and then regenerate them using the Hydrochloric Acid & Sodium Chloride. These units are normally installed in Ring Mains to polish the water to Very High Standards, Normally > 15 mega Ω (Ohm).

This type of Deioniser requires trained staff to maintain them.

Electro Deionisation (CDI or EDI)

This is a process where the Ion Exchange Resin is placed into a chamber and a DC voltage is allowed to flow through the system. The voltage is maintained continuously while the system is running to service and means NO Regeneration Shut Downs and No Chemicals are required. It is the DC Voltage that regenerates the resin. 
This system will require careful monitoring and a good maintenance plan as Good Water pre-treatment such as Filtration, Water Softening and Reverse Osmosis will be required to operate it. While this type of system has advantages when compared to more Standard Systems, they do require Fully Trained Engineers to monitor and maintain them.
Electro Deionisation is normally used to produce Ultra-Pure Water >15 M Ohm used in Pharmaceutical and Electronics manufacturing.

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