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Water Purification and Treatment

Water purification is the process of removing Dissolved and Suspended impurities in water these contaminants can vary vastly from area to area with water quality changes being seen by just crossing a road, the important thing to remember is that each manufactures quality requirements are NOT the same each will have a request so it’s important that a system is developed around that demand

Drinking Water is safe and the water authorities rarely make mistakes but they just filter and make sure it’s not going to cause harm so the “Towns Drinking Water” can be delivered to your site with numerous dissolved and suspended solids including gases in the water.

Impurities come in numerous forms Calcium, Manganese, Nitrates, Iron, Chlorides to name a common few, It is an important part of the water purification design & process to remove what is required and leave behind anything that is good, Over Purification can be cheap to buy but expensive to run at ADEPT we look at the system design and the 1 year and 5 year operating costs.

Typical physical methods of water purification are:-  

Filtration is typically a Cartridge or Media based system and can be made up of Sands and Gravels, Carbons or a specialist Media such as Iron Removal all are cleaned and reused by Backwashing and cleaning the media beds

Nitrate, Organic and Hardness Reduction is the next common systems employed in many industries to remove simple dissolved impurities in the form of Hardness salts and Nitrates which can affect Food Production, these again are reusable and are regenerated by Salt (Sodium)

ADEPT have developed a Range of  Filter Systems called NANO FILTERS these remove Hardness salts and other impurities by a Filtration Process similar to Reverse Osmosis there is NO salt used in this process an important thing in a lot of industries as they have a wish or demand to NOT have salt on their site

Reverse Osmosis in either Single Pass or Twin Pass offer a Filtration process that will remove 99.9% of all impurities in water and really the start of a True Pure Water System, Typical Qualities are < 100 to < 2 uS/CM

De-Ionisation plants either Two or Three bed these are now seen as old technology that is being replaced by Reverse Osmosis it will always HAVE its place in any Water Purification system especially Recycling Systems ADEPT have developed a full range of plant for this as well, Resins are Regenerated with Hydrochloric Acid and Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic) Typically Quality < 50 uS/CM > 1 MΩ

EDI is an Ion Exchange Process used to purify water to very high levels Typically Quality > 10 MΩ

At Adept we offer Cartridge Filters, Medias, Membranes & Resins to purify water, they come in many types from a Disposable Single Use Filter  to an Ultraclean Resin for the very high grade water used in the Standards Industry producing water of < 1 ppb TOC. We keep many of these in stock to ensure users are getting the best water purification choices at all times.

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