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Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis or RO, has many applications across a wide range of industries from the Military to food production. It is the process of applying a typical soft water at high pressure through a semi-permeable RO membrane this removes >95% of the dissolved salts, this water is called the Permeate, There is a stream of water that passes over the membrane which is called the Concentrate this contains all the rejected materials and is passed to drain Typically at 70 - 75% to Service and 25 - 30% to Drain (We have designed RO Concentrate Recovery systems which bolt onto our Standard and Twin Pass RO Systems this reduces waste from 25 - 30% to 10 - 15% Details on request).

At Adept, we design, manufacture reverse osmosis systems ranging in flow from 100 Ltrs/hr to 50 m3/Hr in House at our Factory in Wellingborough. The systems we produce are suitable for everything from Window Cleaners to high quality Pharmaceutical grade water.

The first and most popular RO Process is a Single Pass unit. Soft water is gravity feed into a High Pressure Pump and is passed through the semi-permeable RO membrane bank this creates Three important flows the first being Permeate which goes to service, the Second is Concentrate which flows to Drain, the third and final is a Recycle which returns to the High Pressure Pump inlet, typical start qualities are < 100 uS/CM unless a Permeate Monitoring System is employed typically classed as Primary Grade Water

Next is Twin Pass with or without caustic dosing this is a Single Pass Unit with an Additional Stage attached so the First Pass RO Permeate Water this passes through another set of RO membranes which makes the RO process very efficient and qualities of <5.0 uS/CM can be expected adding Caustic dosing to remove any dissolved CO2 in the water increases the effectiveness of the System so < 1 uS/CM > 1 MΩ should be expected so is suitable for High Grade Cosmetic, Electronics, & Pharmaceutical use

We have a great working relationship with all our suppliers which ensure we produce in house high quality commercial & industrial reverse osmosis systems at a competitive price but probably more importantly designed around your individual requirements.

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