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ECO Di-on-x Water Deioniser

Sub Title: 
Full Turnkey Bespoke Regeneration System

This ECO Di-on-x Water Deioniser system is a no frills, quick and easy to install Regeneration System, that can be modified and made to meet your flow rate specification from 1 m3/hr to 5 m3/Hr.

This System is a real economical alternative to our range of I-on-x Exchange Water Deioniser Cylinders especially if you do not want to incorporate Water Softeners & Reverse Osmosis systems in your process choice.

Depending on your water production usage and the quality of your deionised water your process requires, the ECO Di-on-x Water Deioniser can lower your production cost of Deionised water by as much as one-half when compared with the running costs expected with a typical exchange cylinder system.

Main Features:

  • Skid Mounted
  • Twin Powder Coated Frame
  • ABS Manifolds
  • GRP Vessels

Standard Features:

  • Intergrated Feed Water Tank with Class A Gap
  • Grudfos Stainless Steel Pump with Stop/Start Control
  • Gemu Flow Meter and Pressure Gauge
  • 255 & 268 Autorol Flow Control
  • Impulse Timers with Adjustable Regeneration Times
  • I.P 54 Rated c/w PLC Control
  • Full Operator Interface


  • Simultaneous or Sequential Regeneration
  • Chemical Bulk Storage Systems
  • Chemical Alarm
  • Pure Water Storage and Distribution System
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